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Reader Comments about the book and the website:

Thank you for sending us your book Vegetarian Dogs. I have been looking for so long for a book like this, and it is beautifully presented. I have been a vegetarian for many years and I have a little 9 year old papillon/cavalier. She is a shocker to feed as she is so fussy. I hate preparing meat for her and my cat, and I am delighted to have good ideas of nutrition that I am starting to ease into the food. We'll see where we go from there. She is so much happier since I have at last found a vet that does not subscribe to the Hills Scientific diet or similar, and now eating whole food as a default instead biscuits as default. So thank you for your book. I am also aware that you subsidised the postage. I will promote the book around as much as I can. -- Celia Wood-Calvert

I love your work so much! I first saw it in the book Vegetarian Dogs. I was an Art major in school, but only aspired to being a painter like you. One of my favorite artists, whose work yours reminds me of, is Georgia O\'Keefe. I\'ve tried to paint my own series of pet paintings in acrylic, and can render remarkably lifelike animals, but would love to get the more water-color-like atmospheres such as yours. Anyway, your work inspires me to continue with mine, and to try to get more watercolor-like effects. My absolute favorites of yours: \"Oneness 1\" and \"Oneness 2\"; the hallway Waterfall mural; \"Coming Home\" (and the website intro using it); \"Sunrise\"; the light in all of the \"Boats\"; \"Waterfall\"; and the exterior \"Gates\" and \"Sunrise\" murals. (Not to mention all of the dog paintings). Thank you for your wondrous, astonishingly beautiful work!. -- --Christina Davis, Oakland, California

I am just writing to make you be aware of what a wonderful discovery my daughter enjoyed browsing yuor web blog. She came to understand lots of pieces, with the inclusion of what it's like to possess a wonderful helping character to have most people just know specific impossible matters. You actually exceeded our expectations. Thanks for imparting those insightful, trusted, informative and cool tips about your topic to Sandra.

Wow, I am so happy to find this site, it is truly on a higher vibration, thank you! I am going to recommend it to everyone who questions if dogs can be veggie. -- Cornelia

Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I loved the stories about all of your animals. I now have Three vegetarian dogs!
Thank you -- Leatha Day

It's an important factor in the quest for a less violence plagued, kinder world for which I thank you. -- Jack Suconik

Hello and thank you for your wonderful book. My partner and I, longtime vegans, have been feeding our six-year-old dog a vegetarian diet for about a month, since she began vomiting and the vet told us to put her temporarily on a diet of potatoes and rice, until we figured out the cause of the vomiting. She loved the fresh vegetarian food so much [she really looked forward to mealtimes like she never did when we fed her kibble] that we decided to take the opportunity to make her a vegetarian. So I ordered your book so I could be sure I feed her right and she was getting all the nutrients she needed, and it was a relief to find that I'd been mostly on the right track. I learned a lot from the book, and Idgie absolutely loves your recipe!  Thank you for the support your book provided in this transition. We are all happier folks! --   Michelle Edgar

Just a quick word to say how much my dogs, and all the dogs in the park love your biscuits and how much I enjoyed reading your book. Many thanks, -- Shoron Johnson

Hi, I am a veterinarian that is writing for a web site in India, would you be able to send me some home made recipes for vegetarians. I should appreciate any help on this subject.
Many thanks, -- L. Wechsler, D.V.M.

Love your book – especially the artwork and stories about the dogs you've rescued! I got off the factory-farmed food wagon about a year ago and have been trying to make a change for my 75 pound German Shepherd since then. Your book was concise and informational, enough to make me feel like I could easily make her food myself.  Thank you for your efforts to share this information. -- Lia Kalom

I have two Schnauzers with oxalate crystals and after surgery they must go on a vegetarian diet. Does your book contain recipes I make for them...including the proper nutrition? I am concerned and grateful for any help. Thanks!  -- Nean Mary

Response from Verona: The vegan recipes are appropriate for any breed of dog. A number of recipes are included with varying amounts of protein, should this be an issue with your dog. The nutritional content is congruent with AAFCO recommendations – the same recommendations all commercial dog food must meet.  

I just started feeding my pug Nature's Recipe Vegetarian. I did so because he was always constipated and was eating grass all the time. I was feeding him carrots and green peppers but that didn't seem to help enough. I did not think he would eat vegetarian food. At first he stepped around it and sniffed it like it was alive or something. He started to eat it though and his stools got thick and firm right away. [Just the opposite of what I was told would happen.]  His energy level picked up drastically, leading me to conclude that he had not been properly digesting the food I'd been giving him before the Nature's Recipe Vegetarian. Maybe it is not "natural" canine diet, but a Pug is hardly the same thing as a wild wolf. I'm not a vegetarian myself but what works for "Reggie" might work for me too so I'm eating less and less meat.
Sincerely,  -- Martin Whitman

It's beautifully presented and written, and I can't wait to read your book! I've been a vegetarian for a couple of decades, and I'm now getting a dog – one of the things that's kept me from getting one before now is the fear that I'd have to bring meat into the house to keep my new friend happy and healthy. I'm excited to find out that meat isn't a necessity for a dog.  Thanks so much for your great site!  -- Elisabeth Kim

I am so happy to know that there are others in this world who are as passionate as I am. -- Matt Potticaty

I think of you every day when I make "Zoey" her vegan meal – she still loves her food. I am introducing her to new veggies and tastes every week. While I am preparing her meal, she wags her tail so hard she cannot sit down. Zoey is thriving on it. Everyone has noticed that she lost weight and she plays like she played when she was a puppy – so much more energy. Her coat shines, her breath smells good and her itching has stopped completely, with no more Benedryl and no more steroids. She was always so picky it was difficult to keep her interest in her usual dog food. Not any more! Zoey is feeling well on the White Willow Bark and Yucca Root you had suggested. My daughter did not know that we where experimenting without Dermaxx on Zoey, but when I told her, she said that both she and her boyfriend had noticed that Zoey seemed "more awake" lately. She doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. Love -- Suzy Nelson

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