PETA Info for Meatless Dog Meals | This article describes some of the benefeits with maintaining dogs on a meat-free diet.

ABC News Article on Vegan Dogs and Cats | Can cats and dogs survive on a meatless diet? Learn more about making the transition... General Vegetarain Resources and Information & More | A gateway to vegetarian resources/sites on the web. It is a must-see for vegetarians.

Animals 911 | Provides animal abuse, rescue and news online. Save one animal at a time. Please help by donating today!

AARS -Animal Rights Resource Site | A in-depth guide to animal rights related issues and information. A very serious site for those interested in exploring animal rights theory and action.


PETA Article on Meat Farming and the Environment | Meat farming and production, andthe impact on animals and the environment are explored in this article.

ASPCA: Fight Animal Cruelty | The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals works to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share ...

Resources for Adopting an Abused Dog| Dogs 4 Life: Abused Dog Adoption Info and Resources: Books, Links, Contacts and more

Learn about Black Dog Syndrome Black Pearl Dogs| Learn why Black Dog Syndrome is commonplace among the shelters and rescues in the canine adoption community.

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